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Lunar Eclipse and Supermoon: Photos From Around the World

34 min ago
Photographers captured scenes in the skies as the Earth’s shadow covered the moon.

China’s Economy, by the Numbers, Is Worse Than It Looks

1 hour 34 min ago
New figures suggest the economic outlook may be improving but that growth has slowed more than the headline figure shows.

A League of Their Own, as Few Arab Leaders Attend Summit

1 hour 55 min ago
The red carpet was there as the Arab League held its fourth economic and social summit. But it was trod upon by only the smallest of feet.

Described as Defeated, Islamic State Punches Back With Guerrilla Tactics

2 hours 37 min ago
All but 1 percent of the territory the Islamic State once held is gone, but to suggest that the group has been defeated, as President Trump did, is to ignore the lessons of recent history.

Meanwhile: Radon Causes Cancer. These Tourists Drink It Up.

4 hours 7 min ago
The E.P.A. warns that radon causes cancer. But some tourists head to mines in Montana to soak it up.

New England Patriots Down Kansas City Chiefs in Overtime for Super Bowl Berth

4 hours 15 min ago
It will be the Patriots vs. the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl after New England beat the Chiefs, 37-31, on Sunday.

In the Din of the Dome, the Rams Beat the Saints in Overtime

4 hours 32 min ago
A blown call and a game-ending 57-yard field goal lifted Los Angeles past New Orleans and into the Super Bowl.

Fuller Picture Emerges of Viral Video Between Native American Man and Catholic Students

4 hours 37 min ago
A convergence of racial and religious groups set the stage for the viral moment. “I stepped in between to pray,” Nathan Phillips said on Sunday.

Ilhan Omar and the Myth of Jewish Hypnosis

4 hours 37 min ago
A conspiracy theory with ancient roots and a bloody history.

Israel Confirms Another Attack on Iranian Targets in Syria

Sun, 2019-01-20 23:34
The admission of the air raid near Damascus came a week after Israel lifted the veil on its campaign to curb Iranian influence in the region.

The Lunar Eclipse and Supermoon: How to Watch It Tonight

Sun, 2019-01-20 23:16
You don’t really need to call it a “Super Blood Wolf Moon.”

Missed Call Dooms Saints, Thrills Rams and Pains New Orleans

Sun, 2019-01-20 22:55
A blown pass-interference call by the officials late in Los Angeles’s win over the Saints in the N.F.C. Championship left the Saints with a familiar sense of injustice.

news analysis: In Business and Governing, Trump Seeks Victory in Chaos

Sun, 2019-01-20 22:11
For people who have done business with the president, the protracted fight over the government shutdown reflects a time-tested playbook.

Want to Close the Pay Gap? Pay Transparency Will Help

Sun, 2019-01-20 22:00
It may not be the cure-all to inequity, but we need a starting point.

Al Qaeda Claims U.N. Peacekeeper Attack That Killed 10 in Mali

Sun, 2019-01-20 21:50
The United Nations said the peacekeepers were killed, and 25 others wounded, while repelling an attack.

China’s Slowdown Looms Just as the World Looks for Growth

Sun, 2019-01-20 21:19
In the past, China has helped to pull the global economy out of weak spots. This time, it might not come through.

Blackface Video Has Elite New York Private School in an Uproar

Sun, 2019-01-20 20:57
Students and parents are angered at administrators at Poly Prep Country Day School for the school’s reaction to a video of two students in blackface making racist gestures.

Republicans Push Trump Immigration Plan, Seeking to Corner Democrats on Shutdown

Sun, 2019-01-20 20:36
Republican leaders hope to pressure Democrats — who insist they won’t negotiate with President Trump on border security until the shutdown ends — not to block Mr. Trump’s proposal.

News Analysis: U.S. Policy on Russia? Trump and His Team Might Give Different Answers

Sun, 2019-01-20 20:13
President Trump says that he has done more to counter Russian aggression than other recent presidents. But, officials say, Mr. Trump has gone along with such actions reluctantly or under pressure.

Book by Former Staff Member Describes a White House ‘Out of Control’

Sun, 2019-01-20 19:46
Cliff Sims, a former communications staff member, portrays a West Wing full of back-stabbing and duplicity under President Trump in “Team of Vipers.”