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Thousands of miles away, her family wants to know why

Sat, 2018-12-15 06:42
Jakelin Caal Maquin jumped up and down when her father told her they're leaving their impoverished Guatemalan village for the United States. When the rest of her family sent them off, nobody imagined it'd be the last time they saw the 7-year-old girl alive.

Melania shows she's a Trump

Sat, 2018-12-15 06:34
In a rare interview Wednesday night Melania Trump proved that she doesn't understand what it means to be first lady.

Some Americans ditch Obamacare for cheaper alternatives

Sat, 2018-12-15 06:31
When Guy Furay, who owns The Insurance Source in Greer, South Carolina, had a 61-year-old man and his wife come in looking for an alternative to pricey Obamacare insurance coverage, he had a solution: a short-term health plan.

Actress received a secret $9.5M settlement from CBS

Sat, 2018-12-15 06:28
Eliza Dushku reportedly received a confidential settlement of $9.5 million from CBS after she accused one of her co-stars of harassment.

Impeachment 101: Here's how it would work (if it actually happened)

Sat, 2018-12-15 05:41
President Donald Trump used the threat of impeachment to rev up his base before the 2018 midterms and since then he's given thought to the prospect he could be impeached.

Obamacare's 'essential benefits' explained

Sat, 2018-12-15 04:34
Under Obamacare, all insurance providers have to ensure a minimum level of coverage. CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports.

Russia proposes UN resolution to preserve INF treaty

Sat, 2018-12-15 04:20
Russia has submitted a draft resolution to the UN General Assembly in support of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. The resolution follows the United States' decision to withdraw from the landmark agreement of the final days of the Cold War arms race.

Stories of the Year: The gun debate

Sat, 2018-12-15 04:10
The Parkland tragedy launched one of the biggest grassroots movements of the year, with young people like Emma Gonzalez at the helm. In the wake of more mass shootings, Trump proposed arming guards at houses of worship while others pushed for better background checks. Will this year generate real legislative change?

Largest known diamond in North America found

Sat, 2018-12-15 04:06
A 552-carat yellow diamond was unearthed in Canada -- the largest ever found in North America.