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'Dancing doctor' sued for malpractice

CNN - 21 min 20 sec ago
At least seven lawsuits have been filed against a surgeon in Georgia who shared videos of herself dancing on YouTube during surgery while patients are in view and under anesthesia. The suits claim she is unqualified and her behavior resulted in poor outcomes including brain damage.

Lava 'river' engulfs home in minutes

CNN - 23 min 41 sec ago
Isaac Krakauer filmed this "river" of lava near his home in Hawaii's Leilani Estates neighborhood.

As Republicans worry about McCain’s health, political concerns diminish

Washington Post - 27 min 11 sec ago
May 30 is the unofficial date for averting a special election this year if the McCain seat is vacant. A successor appointed by the GOP governor would serve until 2020.

The exit polls say Ireland has voted to legalize abortion with a smashing majority

Washington Post - 27 min 11 sec ago
Even the most rural parts of Ireland seem to have voted in favor of change.

As Stormy Daniels pursues civil case against Trump, another adult-film star backs her story

Washington Post - 27 min 11 sec ago
Jessica Drake has alleged that Trump improperly touched her in 2006.

Hillary Clinton's other dream job? To run Facebook.

Washington Post - 27 min 11 sec ago
Speaking at Harvard University before receiving an award on Friday, Clinton had an answer ready when she was asked which company she would choose to lead now if she had the choice.

Trump takes aim at federal bureaucracy with new executive orders rolling back civil service protections

Washington Post - 27 min 11 sec ago
The largest federal employee union said the orders “strip federal employees of their decades-old right to representation at the worksite.”

Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg met with Trump lawyer Michael Cohen days before the inauguration

Washington Post - 27 min 11 sec ago
The meeting, described as brief and impromptu, adds to long list of contacts between Trump associates and Kremlin-tied Russians during the campaign and presidential transition.

Did the FBI ‘spy’ on Trump’s campaign?

Washington Post - 27 min 11 sec ago
The president has accused the FBI of “spying” on his campaign. Experts say that’s not quite accurate.

It seems as if maybe the White House doesn't really want to talk to the press

Washington Post - 27 min 11 sec ago
Sanders holds fewer briefings that last less time and are more likely to include guests.

Treatment and rhetoric about undocumented children put the Trump administration in a new category on hard-line immigration policy

Washington Post - 27 min 11 sec ago
Trump's comments about unaccompanied minors are increasingly raising concerns.

Invitations offer wealthy Chinese access to President Trump at fundraiser

Washington Post - 27 min 11 sec ago
The solicitations, circulated by at least three Chinese companies, have sparked ethical and legal concerns over whether foreigners are using high-dollar fundraisers to gain proximity to the U.S. president.

Meet Richard Painter, the anti-Trump former Republican who is running for Senate as a Democrat

Washington Post - 27 min 11 sec ago
If there's a bipartisan never-Trump constituency out there, Painter is trying to find it.
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