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A nursing home patient 'rotted to death' under nurses' care, Ohio official says

CNN - 6 hours 38 min ago
Current and former employees of an Ohio nursing facility are accused of mistreating two patients in their care, including one who died as a result of the nurses' actions, Attorney General Dave Yost said Thursday.

The Health 202: Trump has done much for abortion foes and they love him for it

Washington Post - 6 hours 43 min ago
The president is also backing their efforts in Congress.

The Cybersecurity 202: 'We're doubling down.' DHS insists it's not reducing election security efforts

Washington Post - 6 hours 49 min ago
Cyber chief Chris Krebs is disputing a report that the department is scaling back.

Analysis: Republicans pay the price for Trump's wall crusade

CNN - 7 hours 5 min ago
Republicans might be resorting a lot more often to prayer -- the new strategy several senators have adopted for dealing with their capricious President -- because of the forces unleashed by the latest fraught moment of the Trump era.

Australia’s Burning, Flooding, Disastrous New Normal

NY Times - 7 hours 8 min ago
We are a land of proudly resilient people. But in an age of climate change, we can’t just hike up our Stubbies and move on.

Burning Man, Seeking to Change ‘Convenience Culture,’ Boots Camp for Wealthy

NY Times - 7 hours 10 min ago
The chief executive said she had warned 12 camps and disinvited one from the annual event where attendees create music and art in the Nevada desert.

Red iPhone XS and XS Max Rumored to Launch in China This Month, Again Dropping PRODUCT(RED) Branding

MacRumors - 7 hours 19 min ago
A red variant of the iPhone XS and XS Max could be launching in China sooner rather than later, if a social media rumor proves to be accurate.

A Weibo post spotted by iPhoneHacks.com claims Apple will launch the red color models by the end of this month, in a bid to boost struggling iPhone sales in the region.

The leaker, who claims to have received the tip from sources in Apple's supply chain, says that Apple will call the model "China Red," and not the PRODUCT(RED) branding that the company typically associates with the color.

Apple globally launched a mid-cycle (PRODUCT)RED edition iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in March 2017 and a similar edition for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in April 2018, so the timing wouldn't be completely off. Apple already sells a (PRODUCT)RED variant of the iPhone XR.

There's also precedent for Apple using a different name in China – the company dropped the PRODUCT(RED) branding in the country for both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 models, instead promoting them simply as additional colorways.

Apple has partnered with the (RED) Global Fund for nearly 13 years to sell a variety of red-colored devices and accessories. For each product sold, Apple makes an unspecified contribution to HIV/AIDS charity. However sex remains a controversial issue in China, where AIDS and HIV have been characterized in the past as a consequence of contact with the West.

Despite the lack of any PRODUCT(RED) mention in China, Apple CEO Tim Cook assured MacRumors in a March 2017 email that the company upholds its charitable Global Fund donations commitment for every special edition red iPhone sold in every country in the world, with or without said branding.

If there's any weight to today's rumor of a red iPhone XS and XS coming to China, it could potentially signal the early launch of PRODUCT(RED) versions for the rest of the world, although nothing is certain. Rumors last year of a mid-cycle PRODUCT(RED) edition of the iPhone X never transpired, for example.

It's also worth noting that several Chinese mobile makers will be launching their 2019 flagship phones over the next couple of months, so Apple may be using new red iPhone models as a counterweight to new rival devices on the market.

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Was it worth it? Many suffered in Trump’s wall budget loss

Washington Post - 7 hours 25 min ago
Was it worth all the difficulties caused by President Trump's 35-day shutdown that resulted in a big political loss for him? Trump thinks so, but no rational person does.

Congress has a record number of mothers with children at home. This is why it matters.

Washington Post - 7 hours 26 min ago
Here's what we found when we compared them to other female members of Congress.

‘Prácticamente mi pueblo entero vivía allí’: desde Costa Rica hasta Nueva Jersey, un camino de trabajadores ilegales para Trump que se remonta años atrás

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Los testimonios de exempleados contribuyen a la creciente evidencia de que incluso cuando el presidente vilipendia a los trabajadores sin estatus legal, se ha beneficiado de su trabajo durante mucho tiempo.

What the Trump administration says is happening at the border

CNN - 7 hours 39 min ago
Officials tasked with carrying out the nation's border security mission are facing a trifecta of migration challenges, along the US-Mexico border, according to officials, as President Donald Trump prepares to declare a national emergency.

China Cites Progress in U.S. Trade Talks as Deadline Looms

NY Times - 7 hours 41 min ago
Negotiations will resume next week in Washington, state media said, though it wasn’t clear what progress the two sides had made in discussions in Beijing.

Analysis: A fight for the Democratic Party's future

CNN - 7 hours 54 min ago
It was Democrats who brought Amazon to New York City, and it was Democrats who chased it away.

Amazon cancels plans to build New York headquarters

CNN - 7 hours 57 min ago
Amazon is ditching its plans to build a new headquarters in New York after facing backlash from members of the community.

Power Up: Here's how we got to Trump declaring a national emergency

Washington Post - 8 hours 35 sec ago
There's plenty of blame to go around.

6 things to know before the bell

CNN - 8 hours 4 min ago
1. Trade talks conclude: US stock futures were volatile Friday as investors worried about disappointing economic data and US-China trade talks.

Saturday will be Nigeria’s first WhatsApp election. Here’s what we’re learning about ‘fake news.’

Washington Post - 8 hours 25 min ago
Disinformation may have always been with it — but now it's so much easier to spread.
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