Jeff's Spicy Chili

This chili recipe is combined from chili I have made for years and recent ingredients I discovered through online research and through friends' suggestions. It is a chili that can range from mild to inferno, depending on how heavy-handed you are with the Habanero Sauce and whether you use Ghost Peppers. This chili is very colorful because it features 2 colors of Bell Peppers and this year I switched from green Bell Peppers which are not as sweet as the other colors and I used Jalapenos instead.  They don't add excessive heat but do wonders for the flavor.  You can use a whole can of Chipotle Peppers as long as you are making a large enough batch of chili.  I don't recommend a whole can unless you are winding up with at least 2 to 3 gallons of chili.

It is best not to cook and cook this chili until all the veggies turn to mush.  It is better to keep some texture to them by only cooking long enough for flavors to combine, then let the chili rest overnight in the fridge.  


2 pounds Ground Sirloin

2 Bell Beppers (yellow, orange or red) - diced

6 Jalepeno Peppers - thin sliced

2 medium Onions - diced

3 or 4 cloves of Garlic - thin sliced

2 cans Tomato Sauce

1 can Tomatos with Green Chilis

1 can Chipotle Peppers in Adobo sauce

1 can Red Kidney Beans 

Black Pepper - to taste

Garlic Powder - to taste

Chili Powder - 3 tablespoons - to taste

Dave's Gourmet Hurtin' Habenero pepper sauce - 1 tablespoon - to taste

Optional: Ghost (Bhut Jolokia) or Scorpion Peppers - to taste

Start by cooking all the fresh vegetables and garlic in a cup or 2 of water in a large pot. Cook until the onions are translucent, not mushy.

Next brown the ground beef. Add garlic powder and black pepper. Once the ground beef is thoroughly cooked, add it to the vegetables, pouring off any grease.

Add Tomoto Sauce, Tomatos with Green Chilis, Chipotle peppers.

Add Kidney Beans (drain juice first).

Add Chili Powder

Cook for 25-35 minutes on medium heat. Avoid making the veggies mushy.  Add Dave's Hurtin' Habenero Sauce as required to achieve desired heat level. If going for award winning heat, add Ghost or Scorpion peppers as required. Ok. None are required.  Just add them if you are crazy enough.