A Right to Life photo from the Left: 21 Week Old Fetus Grabs Doctor's Finger

I received an email from a my friend Ingrid about a photo taken of a 21 week old fetus grabbing a doctor's finger during intrauterine surgery.  Her email mentioned a recent photo so I decided to do some research and came across a photo was taken over 10 years ago.  I wish we could get a picture of the child today.  

I'm one of those pro life liberal leaning people you never hear about on Fox or MSNBC. I wish the issue of right to live wasn't associated with a particular political persuasion.  Life is sacred whether you think we are taxed too much or not enough. Life is sacred whether you look like Barack Obama or you look like Mitch McConnell. When I think about it right to life has more in common with liberal philosophy of feeding the hungry and clothing the naked than it has in common with conservative philosophy of self reliance and the elimination of the nanny state.  At the time the photo was taken, the photographer was pro choice.  He is now pro life.  

The doctors in the photo later denied there was any "grabbing" going on.  They asserted that the fetus was under anesthesia and asleep as was the mother.  With so many so-called doctors ripping fetuses this age and older from wombs and tossing them in the trash, it is no wonder "academics" don't want to acknowledge the child was sentient.  Before Roe v. Wade, it was fairly obvious that life began at conception.  This is something that was not up for debate in the scientific community.  It was only after it was shown that it was expedient to treat unborn infants as if they were "growths" or "lumps of excess tissue" that many doctors begain to "fall in line" with this flawed notion that the only thing separating a human infant from personhood is the uterus.  


The photographer was Michael Clancy and he explains more on his Hand of Hope web site...