To use iPhone5 LTE in At&t today... I would have to drive to Cleveland, Oh or Muncie, In?

I've been considering the iPhone 5 mostly as a better performing camera that will outperform the "never ready" camera in my iPhone 4.  For me, 4G was mostly a "nice to have".  Today, I found out it's a "not to have" in Michigan.  Despite all those At&t commercials extolling more 4G in more places than Verizon, when it comes down to it, I have to drive 4 hours to use the 4G LTE on an iPhone 5.  On, they have an excellent chart that compares LTE rollout between Verizon, At&t and Sprint.  For anybody considering iPhone 5, it's a big eye-opener.

At&t is fond of showing their 4G map "all colored in" but I now realize that the 4G LTE coverage is only indicated by those rather sparsely isolated yellow dots. **

UPDATE: After I hit "publish" on this post only a few hour ago, Engadget did an article saying At&t LTE was live in the "Detroit metro area" and sure enough, the image on the At&t web site is now updated to show Detroit and Grand Rapids added to the list of "coming soon" cities.  So strictly speaking the CNN story is still accurate if you don't take the "coming soon" cities into account.

The good news is that if I pick up an iPhone 5 in the coming weeks, I won't be waiting around 'till 2013 to use LTE.  

 ** The original image I included with this post had only yellow dots. I have since replaced it with an image that includes green "coming soon" dots.