Get A Mac!

I spent some time yesterday suffering through Windows XP and Seven for a friend of mine.  You can't easily share files from Win 7 to Win XP and vice versa so we were left copying files over using a USB stick.  You can't easily copy a bunch of files using Windows Explorer which is looking for an excuse to fail in the middle with 1.6 gig out of 8 gig of files copied so I had to download third party copy software from a Chinese Language site.  THIRD PARTY COPY SOFTWARE?!?  Then there was the whole "Windows Live Mail" cannot retrieve and display mail in less than 20 minutes.  Outlook 2010 on her old XP machine was getting test messages instantly but Windows Live Mail, a free download with Windows Essentials seemed to be too busy doing nothing to be bothered with something as mundane as retrieving email.  After wasting close to 3 hours on these and other issues, I'm not in a Microsoft-loving frame of mind today and today I came across an image that just sums it up quite nicely: