Rest in Peace IE6

I saw an interesting article over at that somebody out in Colorado is throwing a funeral for IE6.  And it's about time.  I took this occasion to switch off IE6 scripting for this site as well.  If you're trying to view this site in IE6, don't take it personally, but please go away and come back with an updated browser!

In all fairness, I should elaborate on why this is being said and why I am taking the time to deal with it here.  MS browsers are notoriously standards non-compliant.  Furthermore, they are a security nightmare and fundamentally allow anybody with a web site to become an administrator on your pc.  A good indication of the health of your browser is to head over to and view acid3.  Most desktop browsers do fairly well while most mobile browsers get tripped up pretty quickly.  For instance, the browser on my Blackberry returns FAIL/FAIL and never makes it to any numerical score.  The browser on my iPod touch scores 100/100.  This means that when I'm trying to look something up on the internet, if I'm in range of wifi, I ignore my BB and use my iPod Touch because I have high confidence in being able to actually get the data I'm going after.

So I've turned off IE6 support at this site.  Most will never notice and for those that do, please dump IE6.  If not for the compatability issues, do it for security.